In 1987 a motion was put forth to once again resurrect the name and purpose of the Trap Door. Pops Seriano would act as an unseen organizer to orchestrate the union of four versatile, musical personalities, the First Family of Modern Day Trap Door.


Pops was no stranger to the workings of Trap Door for he was once a part of the Trap Door of the 30's. Known then as Baby Pops, he would play his harmonica and toy horn along with Squiggly McBiefeld on vocals, Ol' Chalie on Banjo, and Stash on the Searltone-a-phone. The bright six year old was quite a talent, but was most likely hired because the group performed in his father Guy's bar, aptly named,"Old Guy's" and because Baby Pops also owned a little monkey. The monkey coincides with Trap Door's Four M's of Show Business, "More Monkeys Means Millions!"


The Trap Door of the 30's (which actually began in 1943) instilled in Baby Pops a need to know about suppressed information. As a young man, Pops would feverishly research claims of the supernatural, supernormal and lost or hidden information. In order to pursue his investigations and debunking, Pops left the band in 1951. Come the Summer of 1987, Pops realized that the time was at hand, Trap Door must live again.


Pop's son, Wiggly, had lead many bands for several years and at the time was only working on experimental solo endeavors. One day as Wiggly and two of his musical pals, Bats and Wooferine, argued over saccharin, Pops arranged for a devastating explosion. Out of the clearing smoke emerged the cornerstone of today's Trap Door, Holee Cow. Now a group, Wiggly, Bats, Wooferine and Holee Cow would work day and night for three years to fill the shoes of the Trap Doors before them.


The early years of Trap Door were then chronicled by Lehigh Valley native artists, A. Thom and Check. The artists works were circulated in the form of mini comics which are still in publication and distribution to this day. Several years later in July of '91 the Trap Door art work would be recognized in an exhibit of Comic Art at the Rodale Gallery (within the Baum School of Art of Allentown,PA). It was quite a thrill for the artists and the group to see the Trap Door works beside other comic legends such as Gray Morrow, Lee Weeks, Bob McLeod, Jim Balent and others.


In 1989 Trap Door released a bootleg cassette of some of their music. The tape was distributed through comic book shops and demand soon eclipsed production. With the success of the cassette, Trap Door prepared for their first live show. In order to emulate what they had done in "The Secret Attic Recordings in Mighty Trap Door Towers", they needed to implement a change in the groups members.


July 6th, 1990 Trap Door hits the stage. The official line-up is Holee Cow on percussions, Wiggly on vocals and bass (since Wooferine was seriously injured by an acid wash and reduced to small bit parts. Note: see "Wooferine ; The Lost Years"). Bats had been missing for a few months and was replaced by HK3 on keyboards. Joining the group were Andy Van Halen on lead guitar (Andy quit after the 1st, 3rd and 4th shows and was later killed in a harpooning accident), Mister Trousers on guitar, special guest, Chee-Ah, and the Electric Eel on additional vocals. This version would become known as "Trap Door A", affectionately nicknamed, "Crap Door".


Over the next few years Pops Seriano would step up into the spotlight and become the groups DJ. Mystic T would replace the slain Andy Van Halen and Footie would round out the team as they prepared for their first half-hour TV special. It was also about this time, Fall of '91, that Wiggly's son, King Rollo, began to show a heavy interest in the group.


In the Spring of 1992 Trap Door would incur it's first minor set-back that would actually propel the group into one of it's greatest periods. Personal differences would remove HK3 from his position of joint song writer. The Electric Eel would also follow in the footsteps of the little guy. With this removal, total creative control would now rest on the lap of Wiggly and Pops. The transmogrification would be awesome. Trap Door would now commit it's lyrical topic to three prime subjects, 1: The eradication of prejudice by dealing with all things on an individual level, 2: The disclosure of suppressed or unknown information, and 3: Luv. The bands sound would also change slightly, concentrating more on melody and instrument placement and usage rather than the mechanical or heavy layered sound. Wiggly put it,"My intentions are to take a more sparse approach, make every instrument and sound deliberate and important......Concentrating on the range and dynamics within the individual instrument. But, above all else, compose for the song.....put nothing before the song."


The year to follow would prove to be a very important time for Modern Day Trap Door.


Former villain, Pyramido, would join as a keyboardist, Queen CC added her dynamic vocal abilities, King Rollo would accompany the band as the groups M.C. and a set of four dancing MIB's (MIB 1, MIB 2, MIB 3 and MIB Special) would now comprise Trap Door Prime.


1993 would see the release of the CD Trap Door, Flying Discs of Luv (A Major Donald Keyhoe Commemorative EP) as well as land articles about the group in several international magazines, UFO Universe, Unicus and UFO Sightings. The band was also featured on RAI Italian Televisions show about the future, Punto e a Capo, which aired around the world to over two million people.


For the RAI Special Trap Door edited footage of the rarely seen S.D.I. program which showed hyper velocity and rail gun technologies into their live performance footage. It was originally planned to include footage that an agent of Trap Door's had smuggled out from the offices of Hard Copy. The footage was of a supposed alien abduction of a family, video taped and presented as "the families last hour on Earth". It was an obvious hoax with laughable emulations of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and other famous movies. The owner of the footage was trying to illicit a hefty sum from Hard Copy and Trap Door wanted to thwart their profit making scam. The quality was so bad that when we tried to add the footage it couldn't even stabilize so we turned to exposing some real weapons that many do not know exist.


In May of 1994 Wiggly and Trap Door would have a dinner and interview with Zecharia Sitchin. Wiggly and several other members of the band had met with him on three previous occasions and try to attend whenever he speaks in the area. The interview was published in the Trap Door Newsletter and broadcast on Radio WMUH 91.7 Allentown.


It was around this same time that Trap Door recruited the assistance of circus strong man, The Son of The Mighty Atom. Atom had lost his former job after dropping a baby elephant on his back(the elephant suffered no injury,e.n.). The Herculean giant was hired for his ability to plunk the Bass Guitar like a mother.


Trap Door would also gain the addition of another female vocalist, Tiah. Tiah, Queen C.C., and Wiggly would now begin constructing new harmonies and inflections that can be heard in Today's Trap Door.


In 1995 Queen C.C. would be called away in search of her own future. This would set the scene for Trap Door H.


The line-up of Trap Door H reads, Wiggly, Tiah and new female talent, Manta on vocals, Holee Cow on percussions, Mystic T on guitar, Son of the Mighty Atom on bass, Pyramido on keys, Pops Seriano on the record players, King Rollo as master of ceremony, nephew of Mister Trousers and part of the Britches Brigade, Kid Slack-0 on guitar and MIBs 1, Special, Strange, Charmed, and Proppa.


Trap Door H would be the only act to play at the 50th anniversary of the Kutztown Airport. They also blew away over 2000 stunned onlookers at an outdoor show at the University of Penn. Trap Door H would also take it to the studio once again in preparation of a new release. The two songs, SUD and Boom-tube will be released on Trap Doors upcoming album, CODE NAME: PROJECT NOW. Although Trap Door H was Hot it's timing was a little off.Tiah left to pursue a solo career, Manta was called away to New York and MIBs Strange, Charmed and Proppa disappeared.


Now was also a time when the groups spiritual leader, Mystic T, would make a major decision. He would venture to California to head Trap Door operations from a clearer business position. This would be the first time Trap Door would concentrate on "the music business". Actually he is still in the preparation stage. Trap Door has always decided to try to gain the respect of scientists, scholars and everyday people, they have yet to really try and impress the people who they share career concepts with. This day will come but, Trap Door wants to be really prepared to blow their ideas Big Time. They want to have a good foot hold because when they start kicking peoples teeth down their throats they want to be sure they have the dentures to fill them. But, the author digresses, pardon me, "I love you."


Pops and King Rollo would also take a stretch from the stage. Rollo to hone his painting skills and Pops to go fishing and nurse his aching hemorrhoids. (Some believe that Pops really left because Wiggly would no longer watch Pro-Wrestling)


This all brings us to 1996 and to present day Trap Door, Trap Door V. Trap Door V will be the Trap Door to come up from the underground and embrace the children of the "talk show" mentality, embrace the main stream media, and embrace the enemy. Let's here the final Tale of the Tape!

Wiggly on keyboards and vocals, Hungarian Ninja, Empress La La Ming-ming on vocals, Ku Baba LU.GAL on vocals, Triky Squid on vocals, Holee Cow on percussions, Horatio C. Proctor on keyboards, Son of the Mighty Atom on bass, Vectrex on guitar, Kraig Armitage on drums, and the A.C.E.'s, ACE Io, ACE 8 Fold Way and ACE H. For more information, please check out the BAND BIOS pages.

2001 enjoyer a brief run with Trap Door V2. V2 would be the first venture to create a smaller more dedicated team concentrating on using what talent we had for multiple responsibilities. Wiggly on vocals, keys and some bass. Eight Fold Way on Dancing and Vocals, Check FM on dancing, vocals and keys. Pyramido returns adding multiple keyboard parts. Vectrex on guitars, Son of the Mighty Atom on bass and Kraig Armitage and Holee Cow on drums. This is the smallest live band since Trap Door A.


2003 would create two of the strongest core versions of Trap Door. First Rev C started an amazing acoustic version of the band. Acoustic Wiggly on acoustic bass and vocals, Trap Door Charmed on various percussion, dancing and vocals, Eight Fold Way on various percussion, dancing and vocals, Vectrex on acoustic guitar, Pyramido on keyboards and Todayz Man on bongos.

2004 will see the emergence of Trap Door (G). (G) was built on the strong core of Rev C. Wiggly, 8 Fold Way, Vectrex, Pyramido, Santo Felice, Wooden Pops, Castron, Trap Door Charmed, the most dynamic Trap Door to date.

And that, Baby, is a brief history of Trap Door.

The All Out Blitz Ever Fokin' End... Rock!